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Guidelines are recommandations on medical topics. They support treatment processes as well as decision-making.

Current guidelines

Guidelines are not binding but are intended to represent recommendations according to the best scientific evidence. The application of the recommendations depends on the individual clinical situation and also on local and regional circumstances.


Criteria for inpatient percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) 1.1.2018 >>> German

Guideline Platelet Function Inhibitor Therapy

Swiss Consensus on Platelet Function Inhibitor TherapyAngiology >>> German


Swiss guidelines for the management of PAVD patients by the medical specialist >>> German

Practical Guides

A practical guide outlines the key steps involved in performing medical treatments, emphasizing patient safety and effective communication. Following these steps can help ensure the successful completion of the procedure and optimize patient outcomes.

Triage for Diabetic Foot Syndrome

QualiCCare has made the latest version of the practice guideline on diabetic foot syndrome on its website in all languages available (now also in Italian). Small corrections have also been made to the indication-specific practice recommendations. Likewise, application aids and the checklist are now also available on the website in all national languages.

All documents are available as PDFs under the following link: Web DFS-Triage