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Organization of angiology in Switzerland

Organization of angiology in Switzerland

Twenty years ago, angiology developed in Switzerland from a sub-specialty of internal medicine into an independent specialist discipline and is nowadays offered at university hospitals, numerous cantonal and regional hospitals as well as in outpatient practices.

Angiology at the University Hospitals

For some years now, the five Swiss universities have established full professorships or extraordinariates in angiology. The corresponding clinics for angiology are allocated at the University Hospitals of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. The five university angiology clinics offer the entire spectrum of vascular diagnostics and treatment including endovascular and endovenous therapies. In general, they also have their own angiological catheter laboratories offering all forms of interventional angiology.

Cantonal and regional hospitals and angiologists in private practice

In the more than 100 hospitals in Switzerland, that offer specialized and basic medical care. Vascular medicine is offered at numerous clinics, especially at the cantonal hospitals. In addition, numerous regional hospitals offer vascular diagnostics and therapies.. Angiology is present as an independent unit or as a consulting organization in most cantonal and regional hospitals and private clinics in Switzerland. Many angiologists in private practice equally importantly contribute to the care of vascular patients.

Certified vascular centers in Switzerland

In recent years, cantonal and regional hospitals have often set up so-called vascular centers for vascular medicine, in which angiologists, vascular surgeons or interventional radiologists work together. In order to structure the setting up of these centers and to provide them with a clear framework, the USGG, as the main organization of Swiss vascular specialists, has drawn up guidelines and accredits these centers with a label. This guarantees a quality standard of treatment throughout Switzerland. Currently, the following accredited vascular centers exist in Switzerland.

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