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Certificate of proficiency in Interventional Angiology

Certificate of proficiency in Interventional Angiology

Acquiring a federal medical specialist title is required for the independent medical practicing as a physician. A specialist in angiology may also acquire a Certificate of Competence in Interventional Angiology.

Interventional angiology involves percutaneous, usually X-ray-guided endovascular catheter interventions for diagnosis or therapy of vascular diseases. Angiography and endovascular interventions are demanding and risky procedures. The indication and execution of these interventions therefore require high-quality, structured further training in the sense of this certificate.


With the qualification, angiologists document that they have acquired in-depth knowledge of interventional angiology. The holder of the certificate has the competence to perform common diagnostic and therapeutic angiological interventions independently and to manage possible complications. The training can be completed during the postgraduate training in angiology. The program is divided into the learning of angiographic basics and the practical performance of interventions. During the training, a minimum of 300 catheterization procedures have to be performed – including at least 50 arteriographies or phlebographies and 250 peripheral or visceral and renal catheterization therapeutic procedures. Many of them must be performed as primary examiner under supervision.




Training facilities

Training centers for interventional angiology are accredited training centers for angiology, vascular surgery and radiology. These are under the direction of a supervisor who holds the specialist title in angiology and the certificate of competence for «Interventional Angiology» or radiology with EBIR certificate or vascular surgery. At least 50 percutaneous vascular interventions per 100% residency must there be performed per year.


The examination is a structured oral one-hour examination. It is divided into an oral theoretical question part and a part in which three vascular interventional problems have to be solved on an anatomical model.

Logbook and application form

Examination regulations

Examination dates 2024

Oral exam for Certificate of Competence in Interventional Angiology:


The certificate of competence is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. After this time, recertification must be carried out. The continuing education required for recertification must comprise 30 hours (credits) over 5 years on topics directly related to interventional angiology and must be recognized by the SSA. Of this, 15 hours of self-study may be accepted. In addition, at least 150 procedures must have been performed during the last 5 years and recorded in the SSA registry.

Logbook and application form Recertification