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Awarding Credits

Awarding Credits

Knowledge in medicine is developing at a fast pace and the latest research results are constantly flowing into clinical practice. For this reason, lifelong education is an indispensable requirement to be able to practice the medical profession with competence, this is proven in Switzerland with a credit system.

Together with the medical societies, the SIWF has regulated the principles and framework of continuing medical education in the regulations for continuous education (FBO). Thus, 50 credits of verifiable and structured continuing education and 30 credits of self-study are required annually in all specialties. Recognition of continuing education events is based on a set of criteria, and medical societies follow a checklist when deciding whether to award credits for educational events. An educational program is only awarded credits if it is in line with the objectives of the FMH's Regulations, the education programs of the societies and the requirements of the SAMW's Guidelines for Cooperation of the Medical Staff and the Industry.

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