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Main topics

Main Topics

The prevalence of patients with vascular diseases increases significantly with age, which increases the demand for vascular physicians. In 2022, according to FMH statistics, there were 220 angiologists working in this country, 130 of whom had their own practice, with the remaining 90 working in a hospital setting. The proven demand as well as the fascinating variety makes this specialty very attractive for young physicians who want to do a specialized training and gives them an optimal perspective.

In the last 50 years, Swiss angiology has established itself as an important partner in the care of vascular patients. However, the task remains to confirm this performance by strengthening its collaboration with related specialties, without losing autonomy and identity. These goals are to be achieved, among other things, by a constant, targeted motivation and training of the next generation. This includes the clinical and the scientific sector as well as postgraduate training, to continue to play the leading role that is compulsory in the care of vascular patients. A high level of involvement in public and political affairs serves to strengthen the association’s position too.

Central focus areas of the SSA are therefore: