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Young Angiologists

Young Angiologists

A key element of the association's efforts is the encouragement of young physicians. For this reason, the association founded an initiative years ago for young physicians undergoing postgraduate training. Starting in 2023, an Angiology Refresher Course for young professionals will be held annually.

The Young Angiologists were founded in 2019 and is composed of future and junior angiologists who want to lobby for their profession's concerns during their postgraduate training. Their goal is to represent the future generation of angiologists in the professional society. Together, they are committed to the high-quality vascular medicine of the next era. To build up their nationwide network, they also plan to develop projects for students and residents in postgraduate training in the years to come.

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The future: Young Angiologists!

The Young Angiologists Board is reforming and should be an important future resource for you and your questions.

The of young angiologists working in Switzerland is building a committee of dedicated young angiologists to become a solid voice within the SSA. The young angiologists want to improve professional networking among ourselves. In addition, they are establishing contact to young angiologists of other national societies. Promoting and co-organizing trainee and refresher courses and be active in social media, will be topics as well. Young angiologists need to know the benefits of being a member of SSA: it’s the place where the decisions about our future are made! Starting with tariff negotiations and ending with creating the Curriculum, are only a few tasks of the SSA board. Young angiologists form the future SSA board, so let’s start today and help shape the future!


Dr Dörte Wyss

President Young Angiologist

The 2024 ESVM Academy AND Swiss Angiology refresher course

September 5-7, 2024, Lausanne, Switzerland

The 2024 Angiology Refresher course is the opportunity for angiologists of the next generation to refresh their knowledge and prepare for their exams. Held over 48 hours, this course covers all the highlights of Angiology. The Angiology Refresher provides a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art practices to diagnose and treat patients with vascular diseases. The course also offers a networking opportunity among young Angiologists all over Europe.

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